Selected works of Mark Freeman

Beats by Dre

Agency: Elephant
Year: 2020-2021
Role: Design Direction
Credits: Allan Diego, Luna Hurtado, Kevin Ryan, Daniel Tak, Cameron Worboys

Unify the Beats experience to establish a consistent thread of brand storytelling that connects and amplifies the many things that the brand does.

Agency: Elephant
Year: 2020-2021
Role: Design Direction
Credits: Allan Diego, Luna Hurtado, Kevin Ryan, Daniel Tak, Cameron Worboys


Relaunch digital channels to create an unparalleled ecosystem that drives brand storytelling around the dynamic world of Beats, capturing interest, driving engagement, and inspiring action to purchase.

A vibrant visual language reflects the creativity and energy of the content.


A rich editorial framework provides the foundation on which to tell brand stories that elevate artistry and expertise.


Simplified product pages have a clear role among the crowd.

Beats product pages are differentiated by focusing less on tech specs — which Amazon, Best Buy, and Apple present in full — and more on the product experience, emphasizing design, features, and how it fits into one's life.


Extend engagement after purchase.

Product education emails provide a concise onboarding experience for new owners, familiarizing them with their product in just a few minutes. Early connection to music drives ongoing brand engagement with Apple Music.


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