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Agency: Huge
Year: 2021
Role: Creative Direction & Design
Credits: Ali Adams, Tanya Arendale, Stephanie Butterworth, Curtis Peterschmidt, Daniel Tak

Following their acquisition by Disney, FX sought to sunset their existing FXNOW app to focus on Hulu as their primary streaming destination. With this came the opportunity to restore and give purpose to the dotcom, establishing it as a definitive marketing destination for the brand and its original programming.

Agency: Huge
Year: 2021
Role: Creative Direction & Design
Credits: Ali Adams, Tanya Arendale, Stephanie Butterworth, Curtis Peterschmidt, Daniel Tak


With the proliferation of content across brand and show social, news sites, streaming platforms, and third-party editorial, we see more competition for audience attention than ever before. This refreshed branded destination needed to become the center of excellence for digital marketing for the brand.

This refresh sought to deliver a more immersive and engaging experience, acting as a living and evolving guide, creating moments and pathways that move the audience from exploration to discovery to fandom. Here, we deliver current and archival content in a way that FX and show-level branding can be its most true and expressive self.


Central to the experience are the individual show pages that deliver authentic, thought-provoking content. Built on a robust, reusable component framework, show pages are customized through show art, authentic voice, and original content to create individually themed experiences.


To accommodate shows at every stage of the lifecycle, this framework flexes to account for those in an initial launch phase/press release form, right through to long-running, multi-season classics like American Horror Story and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Headlines and other copy are customized to reflect not only individual shows but specific seasons. In this approach, we developed clear systems and hierarchy for descriptive eyebrows to allow more prominent headlines to establish the authentic theme of each show.


Key to the success of this launch was the inclusion of current and archival episodic content as the definitive source of truth for all FX Originals. Show pages facilitate intuitive exploration and entry to watch on Hulu while also acting as navigation into past seasons of shows.


To compliment more evergreen synopsis and episodic content, we created a sense of newness with the inclusion of timely insights, sweeps and behind-the-scenes content that refreshes throughout the progression of a shows in-window season.


To emphasize the new viewing destination, persistent educational messaging is displayed at key moments as are prominent drivers to begin watching on Hulu.


In-window shows feature prominently while full catalog discovery is promoted via curated lists and around cultural moments.


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