Selected works of Mark Freeman

Agency: Rokkan
Year: 2015
Role: Creative Direction & Design

A reimagined homepage experience to help this beloved brand gain back overall engagement and bookings from travelers seeking their next vacation.

Agency: Rokkan — Year: 2015
Role: Creative Direction & Design


An engaging experience.

With online travel agents dominating the market today, Hyatt needed help to create a drastically new and engaging experience that would give travelers a compelling reason to come directly to the brand website to explore and book their travel rather than anywhere else.

Deviating from what is expected from hotel sites sites today, we created a place to showcase all that is current for Hyatt. From news and promotions, to trending destinations and sentiment from the social community speaking out about their love for the brand, we created a window into the world of Hyatt. 

In providing timely and relevant information — as well as leveraging data held through Hyatt’s loyalty program, Gold Passport — we helped establish as the go-to destination both pre and post travel.


An immersive, content-rich experience was created to encourage the discovery and exploration of Hyatt destinations around the world. Through smart suggestions and filtering based upon interest and social trending, we created a compelling reason to engage and ultimately book with Hyatt.


Simple and intuitive tools to favorite hotels and destinations aid the decision making process at that time and for future trips. In collecting data from previous searches, we facilitate fast re-entry to previously performed searches and regular travel.


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